Black Whip (Movie Serial)

Zorro's Black Whip (1944) is a 12-chapter Republic Pictures film serial. The serial is set in pre-statehood Idaho, and involves a fight to prevent and ensure statehood by the villains and heroes respectively. In Zorro's Black Whip the word Zorro never occurs, but a female who behaves like Don Diego in Idaho fights a cabal of corrupt politicians as "The Black Whip" after her brother (the original Black Whip) is killed.
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Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 1: The Masked Avenger

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 2: Tomb of Terror

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 3: Mob Murder

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 4: Detour to Death

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 5: Take Off That Mask!

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 6: Fatal Gold

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 7: Wolf Pack

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 8: The Invisible Victim

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 9: Avalanche

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 10: Fangs of Doom

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 11: Flaming Juggernaut

Zorro's Black Whip. Chapter 12: Trial of Tyranny


Zorro's Black Whip information from Wikipedia
Zorro's Black Whip is a 1944 Republic Pictures film serial starring Linda Stirling. The film was made after the popular 1940 20th Century-Fox remake of The Mark of Zorro and Republic wasn't able to use the character himself, but still wanted to capitalize on it. However, and despite the title, Zorro does not feature in this serial. The hero(ine) is actually called The Black Whip throughout.
The serial is set in pre-statehood Idaho, and involves a fight to prevent and ensure statehood by the villains and heroes respectively.
Parts of this serial were reused as stock footage to pad out later serials such as Don Daredevil Rides Again (1951) and Man with the Steel Whip (1954) – despite the fact that both of those serials had male leads.

  • Linda Stirling as Barbara Meredith, The Black Whip and newspaper proprietrix
  • George J. Lewis as Vic Gordon, a US government agent allied with the Black Whip. In a related role, Lewis later portrayed Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro's father, Don Alejandro de la Vega in the Walt Disney television series Zorro.
  • Lucien Littlefield as "Tenpoint" Jackson, the comic relief newspaper typesetter working with Barbara Meredith
  • Francis McDonald as Dan Hammond, villainous owner of the town's Stagecoach company
  • Hal Taliaferro as Baxter, one of Hammond's henchmen
  • John Merton as Ed Harris, one of Hammond's henchmen
  • Stanley Price as Hedges, Hammond's Clerk-Henchman

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