Ramar (TV Series)

Free Classic TV. 6 episodes of Ramar Of The Jungle TV Series (aired 1952 to 1953). Ramar of the Jungle was a syndicated American television series (1952–1953) that starred Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds (the titular “ramar,” an African title for a white medicine man) and Ray Montgomery as his associate, Professor Howard Ogden. Episodes were set in Africa and India. Produced by Rudolph Flothow for Arrow Productions and ITC Entertainment, four sets of 13 episodes were produced for a total of 52. Each episode runs approximately 25 minutes. In season one, the first 13 episodes are set in Africa and the second 13 are set in India. For the second season, all 26 episodes take place in Africa. More information at Wikipedia. To purchase more episodes please visit amazon.com
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