32. The Wanderer

INTRODUCTORY MINSTREL SONG: "Joseph helps an outlaw's son, and is the Sheriff's enemy; but Robin's duel is swiftly won, and both escape scott free!"
SUMMARY: Intro Joseph of Cordoba (Karl Stepanek). Robin meets travelling physician Joseph of Cordoba, who is reported to the Sheriff when he upsets the local "doctors" by curing the ailing Sir Walter de Lys, when they couldn't. When Derwent's (Victor Woolf) son is injured Robin seeks Joseph's help, but the Sheriff is waiting to trap Derwent, and Robin must save the day.
NOTE: Victor Woolf and Paula Byrne are incorrectly billed as Edward and Edward's Wife on the end titles. Woolf, in fact, plays his usual recurring outlaw character Derwent, identified in dialogue as 'Derwent the Joiner', with Byrne as his wife. Paula Byrne also appears as Derwent's wife, named Ethel, in the episode 'Errand of Mercy'.