42. A Year and a Day

INTRODUCTORY MINSTREL SONG: "In public view the whole day through, remains the serf who's run away; the Sheriff sounds the 'cry and hue', but freedom wins the day!"
SUMMARY: Under Medieval English law, a peasant who escapes serfdom and lives in a city for "a year and a day" is a free man, given the man lives openly, not in hiding. Surgeon Calend (Shaun O'Riordan) has nearly completed that duration, and only has to remain 'at large' until sunset that day and he will be free, the Sheriff closes in on him whilst he is treating Little John. When Robin hears Calend's story he agrees to help, the Sheriff invokes the law of "hue and cry", explaining that any man within hearing must drop his chores and help apprehend the felon.