44. The Goldmaker

INTRODUCTORY MINSTREL SONG: "From rags to riches he will go, Sir Richard is told; alas he is not the first to find, that glitter is not gold!"
SUMMARY: intro for Lepidus, (Alfie Bass) the Alchemist. Hearing he is deep in debt, Robin & Marian call on Sir Richard of the Lea, and find he has fallen under the influence of Lepidus the Alchemist, who has promised to turn his pewter plates to gold, having proved his alchemy 'works'. The Sheriff wants to arrest Lepidus for treason but Robin, after proving Lepidus 'powers' to him, parleys a deal with the greedy Sheriff to give over the alchemist in exchange for Will (Shaun O'Riordan), an outlaw that is to be hanged.