65. The York Treasure

INTRODUCTORY MINSTREL SONG: “A plan to help the refugees is nearly wrecked by Norman greed; ’til Robin proves again, a friend in need’s a friend indeed!”
SUMMARY: Joseph of Cordoba and his daughter Esther (Helena de Crespo) have escaped from a riot against Jews in York organised by Lord Malbete (Allan Cuthbertson), taking with them the York Treasure a sum of money collected by the Jews to pay the captain of the ship that will arrive in the seaport of Grimsby in four days time that is bringing Jewish refugee's to England, whilst Joseph rests in Sherwood with a leg wound, Robin, Little John and Esther head for the coast with the hatemongering Malbete in pursuit.
NOTE: this episode references the anti-Jewish riots in England in the 12th Century.